In My Contained Garden

 This year we are attempting a container garden. In years past we have tried gardening directly in the Earth, but sadly those d*$%#@m...I mean, cute cuddly, buck-tooth, furry friends we call gophers have a just made it nearly impossible. I have attempted all but mass genocide of those furry creatures (and don't plan to go down that path) and so, the alternative? Pretty plots filled with plants!
Lot's of pots filled with plants.
 Our seed plants are just beginning to sprout and our herbs and strawberries are thriving. Our yard is suddenly in full bloom and we have been enjoying the lush spring air and warmth.

 We had our first meal out on the patio this weekend, and oh was it luxurious. Something calming and slowing about eating outdoors. Can't wait to bring out the picnic blanket again! Plus when you are surrounded by beautiful and happy plants, who wouldn't want to spend all their time in the outdoors?
I read several container gardening books before embarking on my contained adventure. Here's an abrieviated list of what I found helpful:

The Bountiful Container By McGee & Stucky

Kitchen Harvest By Susan Berry: Who wouldn't trust a gardener with a fruit for a last name?!

Grow Great Grub:Organic Food In Small Spaces By Gayla Trail

Do you have gardening plans this season?


  1. I envy the fact that you can even grow things, gopher or no gopher I am at a loss. I kill bamboo.


  2. Hi Rachell, Thanks for visiting! I don't know about the whole growing thing. I try to keep things alive, but things usually go well up until the end. I will keep you all posted on this goes this year. Bamboo can be tricky. The one plant I have never killed,and I basically neglect, is my Christmas Cactus. That thing is nearly 10 years old and is still trucking! Good luck!

  3. oh yeah, you are way ahead of us- I have yet to plant anything. I had to giggle at your loving description of your furry friends :) Your pics make me hungry for fresh salad. love love love xxx

  4. I'm doing containers for my tomatoes and peppers this year because I can't keep the deer out of them! I've never container gardened, either, but I'm excited! Good luck!



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