Art Dice

Several weeks back I was a lucky winner of The Tinkerlab's giveaway of a set of fabulous, hand painted art dice!

I can't wait to put these dice to use. I just know they are going to inspire many pictures and projects for years to come.

I just love what a simple and achievable, yet totally awesome, concept these dice encourage. They are meant to inspire creativty, especially when one is feeling at an all time low! Just role the dice, see which three images appear and begin ceating. You might get a green dot, three blue lines, and a triangle. Start your drawing using those images and the next thing you know you have a masterpiece.

I am looking forward to creating my own dice too. I am thinking about making movement/dance dice. Put on a song, roll the dance dice, see what three moves appear (example: jump, twirl, shimmy!) and you have got yourself a quick way to get some new moves for the dance floor.


  1. Ohhh, what a great idea! My little one would love this ... both in helping me make it, and then playing with it. We will probably have to do this. Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. You must be so chuffed? I agree, those blocks could become quote diverse. Fee from has done soem cute things with her blocks.
    For children, I can see your idea being so much fun. like a movement, sound, or even a texture. Now I am full of ideas.

    By the way, I am finally getting around to doing you a tutorial. The girls and I are finishing it up today, so I will email it over later. xxx

  3. Hi Jo,

    Oh I need to check out Fee's blog. Sounds great. And...your excited. Thanks a bunch!



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