Adventuring:: Morning Picnic

You may have noticed that things here on my blogger space got a little wonky between Wednesday and Friday. Well, it turns out Blogger was doing some maintance and had some trouble which caused some chaos with posting. Looks like everything is fixed now. Yay!

Since Blogger was down, E and I decided to head out to the park and have a breakfast picnic!

Something about eating the first meal of the day outdoors sets a peppy mood to the rest of the day. I think I was literally beaming, waving, and gleefully engaging anything that moved after our meal. Kind of fun to bring a smile to a stranger's face as you walk by.

As you can see we picked up just simple bagles, coffee for me and milk for E. I do think we are just going to have to do this again very, very soon.

Have you gone on a picnic lately?


  1. I love picnics! I did recently go on a beach picnic, and it was fun! I always take a picnic to the beach! I think food tastes better with a little sand in it :P

  2. What a great morning! We haven't had a picnic, but we've been eating out on our deck again finally, which the toddler loves. He wants to eat every meal out there!

  3. This is great! i love the idea of having picnics with my girls- but Evelyn is 2 and would just run away and chase a nearby dog,haha
    Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Hi Julie,
    It's award time again! I'm bestowing upon you The One Lovely Blog Award! You can pick it up at




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