Vegetarian Sundays: Let's Grill!

This Vegetarian Sundays isI don't have a specific recipe to share today. Instead I wanted to show you some pics of our cook-out we had last weekend. There is noting like Grilled food (no matter what it is in my book) that just makes a hot pre-summer day even better. Sitting under the big trees that surround our home, sipping iced tea, and eating right off the grill is such a lovely way to spend an evening.

 Last week we cleaned off our make-shift grill and sliced us up some fresh yams (marinated first in some garlic, salt, olive oil and Italian spices) and some veggie kabobs.

We marinated the veggie kabobs in a little water, olive oil and Annie's Tuscany Dressing. It was trruly divine. Washed everything down with e freshly brewed iced Rooibios tea. Ahhh...I think summer is just about here.

Have you been able to get out and cook over a fire lately?


  1. I'd never thought to grill yams. Rooibus iced tea is my favorite, you have drooling for summer!

  2. I've never thought of grilling yams either! Yummo!

    We grill year round, and last weekend we did dutch oven chicken in an in-ground fire pit! I love outdoor cooking, too!

  3. Oh my goodness I am so hungry now! I miss barbequeing so much. I need to convince my other half that they're a good idea. You know what else is fantastic grilled on a barbeque? Asparagus! Just make sure you lie it down the right way or it'll slip through the cracks haha.

  4. That sounds delicious! I never thought to grill yams, but now you have convinced me with those pics. Now we just need the sun to come out here!

  5. Happy Sunday everyone! Oh, yes grill yourself up some yams, eat them as is, or throw them on a hunk of sour dough bread with some melted swiss cheese...heaven!

  6. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Thanks Julia for this idea, just in time for the summer to kick off x



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