Toddler Craft Project {Paint It, Stamp It, Hang It}

We've been exploring different ways to spread paint. We've had fun painting the tips of egg cartons and using them as stamps. We've had fun mashing up paper-towels and dipping them into paint to create a sponged-sort-of look. We've also been haveing a ball exploring the brush strokes of three different tupes of brushes: Wide, Sponge and skinny.

The best part of all? Hanging the finished work using mini clothes pins! My little artist just loves to stand back and take in the work he's created.

What have you been using to create art lately?


  1. It is so important for children to experiment with a range of different textures when painting. A greart absorbing activity.

  2. Displaying your childs art is a great way to give him self confidence!

    I love letting kids create! I had so much fun making things with mine when they were young. We did a great project where I let them dip the palm side of their hand in their favorite color of paint, and put their hand prints on a cork board to give to their grandma. It still hangs in her kitchen today, and my kids are all grown. :)

    I love that you are giving him the freedom to create!

  3. cute post :) i recently brought out the fingerpain and watercolor for my 2 year old when she had a friend over the other day- it turned into each rubbing paint on the other,haha- lots of fun was had!


  4. Lovely, messy stuff. My little 'uns love to get the paint out. (thank goodness for warmer weather which means we do it outside!) x

  5. It is so great to hear what you all have been doing to inspire the young (and young at heart!). You all are amazing and I am so happy to have you as readers. Thanks for speanding some of your very precious time in this space. Happy Monday!



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