{Intentional Thrifting} Thrifted Finds


Went on a little thrifting adventure recently and found some wonderful finds all for under $11! I always give myself  budget a budget when I go out. This time it was between $10-$12. Not bad for hitting $11! 
In addition to staying within my thrifting budget, I am always sure take my thrift list with me! 

Lately I have been  on the look out for a new pair of shoes, whether for me or my wee one. Just happened to spot these nearly new Keen sneaks for just under $3.00!  I know he's going to love them once his feet get a little bigger.


Spotted this top for myself. I haven't bought much in the way of clothing for myself in a while. I am definitely due, but have had way too many other things going on to take the time. This lovely T-shirt was just something that I was looking for and looked perfect for summer. I adore the combination of fabrics and the sewn-on hankie look...kind of gives me some ideas...

Back, aren't the buttons darling!?
$1.99 (each)
Sorting mail and keeping track of bills and such has been a little chaotic for us. I have been looking for a wooden drawer set to help with this organizational issue for a while. Couldn't have found a better set! Considering whether to paint the drawers or not. I kind of like the wood color and they sort of match my decor. Do you have any thoughts?

Have your found any thrifted treasures lately? What are your strategies for thrifting with intention?


  1. I think the wooden drawers/trays are great! I'd probably not paint them if they were mine.

    I didn't get to go to any garage sale or thrift stores this past weekend. Next weekend looks promising, though.

  2. I LOVE the wood drawers! I wouldn't paint them if they were mine either. :) And the shoes are darling and look like they are in great shape. Great finds!

  3. I love your finds! I like the drawers as they are and that top is so pretty! I just had my first thrifting experience not too long ago and I am dying to go back and look some more!


  4. OK, you all have convinced me...the drawers stay as is! Thank you! Isn't thrifting fun? It's like a treasure hunt. Hope you all get to go out and treasure hunt soon.

    @Tutu&teaparties: I loved reading about your first thrifting experience. Yes, I do hope you get to go out thrifting again soon!

  5. What a great post! Where do you live that everything in thrift stores is actually priced as if it is in a thrift store? All of the second hand places in my area are so overpriced it's often not worth it to shop there. I guess it became trendy so they're trying to capitalize. Anyways, it's a nice day out so maybe I'll take a stroll over to the Sally Ann and see if I can find a deal too!

  6. Hi Reeja Roo- Oh, I know many second hand stores over price their items. We have a great Salvation Army that prices items as they should. The Goodwill next door is always much more expensive. Hope you find some sweet deals!

  7. Seriously, you are the thrifting queen. That shirt is adorable!

    And I agree with everybody who says to keep the drawers as-is.

  8. Hi Paige, You are too kind. I think I agree, the drawers are perfect just the way they are (:

  9. That white shirt looks brand new! Nice find, Julia! I, too, agree about the drawers.

    I haven't been thrifting for quite a while.

  10. Well, I can't disagree with anyone else: drawers are lovely as they are, t-shirt is great. Shoes for the little one are a fab find too. I'm a big fan of thrift shops- what a buzz! X

  11. You did really well. I think it is important to stick to a budget. I always remind myself ( if I have run out of money, and spot something adorable) that here will always be something better next time.
    I love the top, it looks cool,and very pretty.

  12. well..I am one who can NEVER leave well enough alone sooo...I'd paint them white..or red..or aqua..or green and paint the fronts in chalkboard paint..or wallpaper them with vintage wallpaper..or text..well..you see my problem!LOL



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