Water Play

It was warm this weekend. Yes, Mother Nature has decided it's now summer. Forget that is was in the low 40's last week and raining just last Monday! Well, because it was so hot we decided to get wet and do a little exploratory development.

I filled Emory's baby bath tub that he has outgrown with just a little bit of water. I gave Emory a Tupperware full of water toys, funnels, cups, and measuring cups to play with. He spent an entire hour handling, pouring, scooping, splashing and just having a ball. We will definielty be doing this again on our next hot day.

How do you like to cool off when the weather gets warm?


  1. I love water play, it is the ultimate standby activity. I remember doing this to calm temper tantrums, or to keep big girl occupied when her sister was born. I think water is a great way to keep cool. I also used damp cold flannels when the girls were teething to sooth their gums, and keep them cool.
    Always keep a stash of homemade lollie pops in the freezer x

  2. On a hot day I like to jump in the pool and have a swim. I live in my swim suits in the summer! It looks like your little one enjoys the water, too!

  3. Hi Della and Jo! Thanks for stopping in. Hope you are staying cool! Jo, thanks for all the great tips!



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