Work in Progress: My Mess

 I am a little embarrassed to share with you such a disaster but, yes this is how my work table looks currently. I have been wrestling with twine, beads, wire, leather, and fabric attempting to get those things to play nicely together. So far, I am not winning, but I am determined!

So, what is spurring this frenzy of creativity? Well, I have been invited to display my jewelry (my first time-EVER!) at an interior design show...oh my goodness....gulp. So, I have been kicking my  ass.  ahem,  bottom in gear. There is so much to prepare. From creating monumental amounts of product (Do you remember this POST? That piece will be making its debut) to designing a cohesive display. I find myself immersed in details, details, details.

I will share from time to time how things are going with this project. Feel free to ask me any questions, since I am submersed in this whole process I am learning a TON! And will probably have to share some of my findings.

Like one artist  reminded me (thanks Miss Lyda!),  having business cards is a must. I have avoided making business cards until recently. Up till now I didn't really have a reason.  I was mainly selling jewelry   either via Etsy or by word of mouth. Now, however, those little tokens of "hey, remember me!" seem much more necessary.

So.....I made me some business cards. I used They were awesome. I will share what those little ditties look like once they arrive. Until then, I am off to create some more!

Are you experiencing any bouts of creativity lately?


  1. sadly there are a lack of creativity bouts here :( So jealous! Good luck with displaying your jewelry!!

  2. I was just complaining last night about how administrative tasks are preventing me from doing much creative work. I'm glad you're finding balance as you prep for this great opportunity!



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