Work in Progress

 I have been busy working on my summer jewelry collection. I am loving circles. I know triangles are the "thing" right now, but there is just something about a circle...
 I have also taken on some custom orders for Mother's Day and I have been so pleased with my creations I just had to share what I am doing...making CHARM CATCHERS! I personally love any necklace that you can collect and catch charms on (see more of my charm necklaces). Dare I say, they are charming? (uhg...I know. puns- sorry).
 I have also been in love with hammered silver. So rustic, earthy and masculine. Just what I am into right now.  I found these cuties at Industria on Etsy, of course! Hammered by hand and just perfect for what I am making.
 In addition to the hammered metal I have been searching far and wide for deer skin leather. Difficult to find, especially leather that has been dyed without the usual dyes that include heavy metals such as lead . I hate using leather that has been treated with a lot of harsh chemicals, especially if it is going to be part of a piece of jewelry that you wear against your skin! Ack! So, I only use very high-quality leather. I recently found some from The Peddler on Etsy. She was amazing to work with and had a lot of knowledge about what she sells.
Last, I just wanted to share this adorable silver ring. I love the darling flowers etched on it. I have plans for this one too, and I will be sure to share once it starts to come together. Any thoughts on what it should be turned into?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

PS! If you have a piece of jewelry you have been dreaming of and you just can't seem to find what you are looking for,  let me know! I love custom orders and love expanding my horizons when it comes to jewelry. I also cut special deals on custom order prices (: Contact me!


  1. I have some luscious elk leather that I got from a friend in Idaho when he had his elk hide tanned. It is so soft, and I love working with it!

  2. Hi Della,
    That leather sounds very nice and fun to work with. High quality leather is so hard to find!

  3. Hi Harmless color! Thanks for stopping by. Isn't the hammered look awesome!?



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