{Tutorial} Make Your Own Finger Paint

Oh yes, we did...we made paint. Lot's and lot's of FINGER PAINT! And yes, I got my baby naked (well, almost) and we painted. It was a blast. Make your own paint, so your kitchen can also look like a Jackson Pollock painting too.

 We got the idea from the book First Art by Maryann Kohl. If you don't have her book check out some of the websites below for insight on how to make the paint. Fair warning: You will use A LOT of food coloring. My first batch was lumpy and basically see through. The second batch came out much darker and thicker. No idea why, truly!

Check out:
Creative Kids At Home

Just remember to make sure they don't eat it (don't worry, E did and he's fine)! Hope you have as much fun as we did!

PS: Did you enter the GIVEAWAY yet?

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