{Sneak Peak} 10 Days And Counting

As I am writing this post I have exactly 10 days and counting until my art show debut...oh my. Most of the jewelry is prepped and done (whew!), and now I am onto hashing out how to display everything. I am the only artist on display (which is amazing and nerve-wracking too!), which  means I have to dominate the space that is given to me. I am going with the vintage/rustic/weathered/wabi-sabi look, since most of my pieces have some portion that is either leather, reclaimed metals, natural stones/fibers or hammered silver. It's kind of natural meets vintage.

Above is how I am planning to display my earrings. I have a set of vintage frames that I have glued recycled burlap to (that burlap used to be a bag of rice) and I am sticking the earrings into the fabric. So far...LOVE it.

I will be filling my vintage brass lion planter with rice (not sure why all this reference to rice) which I will then stick all of the bracelets and rings into. I like that rice gives a natural substance that is both solid and malleable at the same time.

I found this little lion beauty on one of my thrifting sprees. So love that the lion is holding a metal hoop, since a lot of my pieces incorporate this shape.
My necklaces will be hung and draped and dangled off of branched. Hopefully giving some much needed height to my display. 

Lastly I just wanted to share the mirror that I will be bringing along to ensure my customers can see what they are trying on. A mirror is a much needed display piece that I almost forgot. It too shall give me some much needed volume to the display.

So, that's where I am on all of this. Mostly just sweating and hemming and hawing over all of the details. So very many details! 

More sneak peaks to come!


  1. Love that your necklaces will be hanging from a branch for display! What a cool idea!

    Great meeting you through the Etsy Blog Team!
    I am a new follower/subscriber of your blog. :)
    Mary C. Nasser

  2. Good luck at the show! I love what you are planning with your displays, and the rice to hold bracelets is an epic idea!

  3. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping in and joining in on my blog. Hope you enjoy it!

    Hi Della! Oh, I hope the rice thing works. I have been doing a lot of thinking. I am going to do a practice run tomorrow...so we shall see how it goes (:

  4. Love your ideas, especially the earrings. I'ev seen similar done for necklaces but never for earrings. Very cute size. Good luck with your show!

    Marilyn (came from EBT)

  5. I display my earrings in a very similar way; I have an old window screen stapled to the back of a frame.

    My first show of the year is in the beginning of June, and I'm totally not ready. I don't even have a tent. You seem much more on the ball!

  6. Hi Julia - popped by your blog and I love it so far! Love the ideas you've got for displaying your stuff (especially the burlap sack in a frame - genius!) - you'll have to take photos of the final set up. I'll definitely be following your blog.



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