Toddler Craft Project {Egg Carton Painting}

A little more than just the carton was painted
The afternoons have been filled with arts and crafts projects for us lately. Providing little fingers with many opportunities to explore and imagine, while allowing those bigger mama hands to get a few things accomplished themselves (like writing this post!)

Recently the paints made their way to the creativity table again. This time instead of paper we painted on card board egg cartons! There is something enticing about painting on a non-flat surface. My wee one enjoyed moving his paint brush through the rivets and dips of the carton.

Our intention is to turn this little project into a birthday gift for dadda. So far, the wee one has done his part, now if only the mama could find some time to finish it off!

What have you been doing to keep little hands busy lately?


  1. It is so important to let kids be creative at an early age. He could be the next Rembrandt!

  2. Ahhhh the pleasures of doing messy stuff with the little folk!
    Bless! Your photos are lovely! Tee hee x

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :) i adore your little paint project- i have a 2 year old who would love that! im a new follower now :)

  4. So cute! I have a feeling mine will be painting some cartons tomorrow. :)

  5. Hello everyone! Thank you for your comment love. Always makes my day. And welcome Amanda!



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