Call for Features & Sponsors


Yes, get filled with joy and become a guest blogger or sponsor! GoatNotes is looking for sponsors and blogs to feature for the months of June-September. Sponsoring GoatNotes is easy, and FREE! Here are just a few options:

*FREE Option 1: Let's Swap! I will send you a little package of my handmade creations for you to share as a giveaway or just as a post on your blog. Link to my blog and place my button on your blog/web page. Send me a few of your handmade creations and a button/picture to link back your blog/website. You will be listed in my sponsor section for three months! Use my contact page to discuss details. Subject Line: "Let's Swap"

*Free Option 2: Swap blogs for a day! Come over to my space for a day and share a little about yoruself and what you do! And have me share on yours! I am always looking for fun craft tutorials, home decor tutorials, recipes, outdoor games and fun for children and families, gardening, Go Green posts and DIY. Let me know what you would like to share and we can discuss what works best. I will list you among my sponsors for three months! Contact me via my contact page. Subject Line: "Blog Exchange"

*Free Option 3:  Get Featured! Over the next few months GoatNotes will be undergoing some renovations and that includes developing new regularly featured articles, which I am looking for others who wuld be willing to share their expertise with my readers on one or more of the following topics:

-Vintage Selling, Collecting, Crafting, Vintage Revamp
-  Thrifting & Money Saving
- Gardening in small spaces
- Craft-Business How-To

I will share a link to your blog/shop/website and promote the post through my network and you post through yours. Contact me via my contact page. Subject Line: "Get Featured"

For any of the options above I will...
  • list you among my favorite blogs on the Blogs I Heart page
  • I will include a button to your blog/shop on the upper right-hand column of GoatNotes. 
  • I will promote you and your post throughout my blog network.

Check out more details on my Sponsor Page. Contact me HERE


  1. Would you be happy to have me again? I would love to do option 1. I have a new button too that you can use xxxx

  2. Hi Miss Jo! YES, of course!!! Let's chat (:



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