Monday Wisdom:: How You Take It


Today is just another Monday for me. Working, resting, and moving along in my daily routine.

This week promises some wonderful moments for me and my loved ones. Hopefully time well spent with cousins from the East (coast, that is!), more time spent playing with some very special friends outdoors and fingers crossed we hear some news on this BIG transition I keep hinting at (seriously, more to come on that once I know more).

So, yes it's all about that road and how you take it. No matter how quickly you travel along the road of your day, week, year or life it's all about enjoying the moments along the way. Stop and take a moment to absorb some peace. Smell something you love. View something that makes your smile. I know, I will be doing that this week!

Wishing all of you a joyful Monday and week friends. Check back in this space for my second rendition of Vintage Back talk (See last week's HERE).



PS: If you didn't see yesterday's post check it out. I have some special ways to promote and celerbrate YOU!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful post to start me off for the day.'Smell something you love' I think I will smell some pretty roses today from my mother-in-laws garden.
    Wonderful Julia, and you have a nourishing and forilling week. Hugs.



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