Vintage Back Talk: Hopscotch Dandelions

Meet Amanda of HopscotchDandelions

Hello fabulous readers! I am so happy to share with you my interview with Amanda of Hopscotch & Dandelions. She is an Etsy Shop owner who sells lovely vintage and handmade goods as well as blogs about her farming and cowgirl adventures on her blog, Hopscotch  Dandelions.

1.How long have you been shopping vintage? What got you started/ interested?
I started selling vintage on etsy after I helped clean out a bunch of old sheds at my uncle & aunt's house.

The previous owners had had the home in their family since it was built in the 40s. They moved out and left several sheds completely full of old stuff. Some of the stuff was completely useless & just junk like packages of napkins from the 70s, astro-turf samples, we even found a set of retainers-gross! There was also a lot of amazing vintage pieces like suitcases from 1930s, a 1950s wedding dress, hat boxes, my 1955 Sunbeam Mixmaster (I actually use it while baking!), handwritten recipe books, photographs and my favorite find- vintage dresses that fit me!

My aunt kept a few things for herself & sort of gave me free range on what I could keep. Although it was all really interesting, some of the items were not really my style. Whatever I didn't take was going to be sent to the Goodwill- so of course I had to keep the good stuff, even if it wasn't my style. I was beginning to look like a hoarder with all that vintage & things were getting a little crowded so I decided to open my Etsy shop!

I was lucky to find such great stuff!
It was a really neat experience- its amazing what you can find out about people by going through their stuff.

2. Why do you love vintage?
I've always had a soft spot for vintage. I just love vintage because its so unique & its a great way to really personalize your space.

3. Do you have any tips or tricks you could share for those interested in starting to collect vintage pieces?
*When you find a vintage item that you like, really inspect it before you buy it, especially if its fabric. You don't want to spend your money on something that is going to fall apart in a month.

*If you find a neat vintage item & really love it , even if its a little bit over your price range (you could always try to negotiate the price!) --Buy it! if you don't buy it you'll totally regret it later on!

Thank you Amanda!

If you are involved with vintage goodness, please don't hesitate to contact me! I would be happy to feature you too!


  1. How funny, I talk about the quality of vintage items on my blog today! Great minds, my dear.

    Also, that apple bowl from H&D is adorable!

  2. oooh I likey the interview. SO envious of her delightful finds. x

  3. Thank you Amanda for being in this space today! It was so lovely to feature you! And thank you to all who have given her some comment love (:



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