Solo Aqui::: Sprouting

Everything seems to be sprouting around here! From a little boy outgrowing every pair of pants he owns (literally) to all of our baby plants who now stand proudly reaching for the sun.

Our citrus trees have begun to grow. Lemons, grapefruits and limes! They are so adorable and fuzzy.

The tomatoes flowers shout with glee as they relish the warm sun. 

Some of the tomato plants even have baby tomatoes! 

Do you have anything growing and sprouting in your life?


  1. Adorable! So great to wake up one morning to find life where there was only dirt the night before!

    I love that sprouting stage, when the seedlings are so tender and wide-eyed! I'm growing sage and dill myself (only a windowsill spice garden for me, apartment dweller...)

  2. hey - pleased to meet you (and thanks for stopping by to admire the beautiful wrapping!)

    Love anything spouting - it's just so magical!

    Off for a little nosey round your blog
    fee x

  3. hi julia, the optimism of tiny sprouts is so great- my vegie patch was decimated by brush turkeys a few months back and i've been a bit despondent about it, but your pictures have reminded me that it starts with a seed... now i'm off to think about engineering a fence that might keep those cheeky birds away from our food... thanks ; ]

  4. Hello all and thank you for your comment love! I have so enjoyed all your comments today. Aren't little sprouts just full of so much joy, expectation and possibility? Wishing you all luck with everything that is sprouting in your lives.

    **Welcome Nic and Fee!**

  5. I really want to start growing some vegetables but have yet to. This makes me want to start a garden even more.

  6. Hi Wish Me Luck! Thanks stopping in! It took me a long time to get moving on the whole garden thing, however once it gets going it's hard to stop. I feel like I have many small green children I am tending to, which I love, but definitely not what I expected! Hope your can put some seeds into the Earth soon!



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