Journal & Pics

Happy Monday friends! And welcome new readers!
 I am away at the beach and am looking forward to returning to this space in a few days. 

While away, I am going to share with you some of my favorite pics from this beach as well as a little tid-bit of thoughts from my personal journal. I always take a journal on our vacations, as I  always seem to have an out-pouring of thoughts while away from my usual daily routine. Do you find that this  happens to you too?

Wishing you a lovely week and a little peace...

Journal Entry:

Mother Nature is astonishing. She has a peaceful force. Two contradictory words that some how join hands to make sense of the utter calm and, yet over powering nature of the ocean. 

I plunge my hand into the sand. Way down deep, so I create a rough-edged imprint. Much like something a child makes in plaster of pairs at the age of 4 or 5. Childish to be playing in the sand. Giddy as the water sneaks up my imprint quickly from the sand. I do it again. I watch the water reach out and swipe my image away again.My familiar shape, size... me.  Here and then gone. Here and then gone.


  1. Hi Cas! Thanks, and it's great to have you in this space. Welcome!



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