Weekend To Do

You say weekends shouldn't have to-do lists? Well, I sort of agree, however this weekend of ours has quite a few items that need to be accomplished. There are plenty of fun things thrown in too! Check it out:

  •  Work Camp Open House & Kid's Fishing Clinic
  • Clean Guest Bedroom (my cousin is coming to visit!)
  • Mail that package that has been sitting by my door for ages
  •  Attend Farmer's Market
  •  Play Tennis with our friends 
  •  Go to dinner with friends at a new (to me!) Retro Diner Vegan restaurant (I hear they have vegan milk shakes-oh, my!)
  • Meet with contractor
  •  Fill a few custom orders
  •  photograph all new jewelry
  •  list all new jewelry on Etsy
  •  Contact Interior Design Gallery to set-up time to bring in my wares
  • Make Father's Day Gifts
  •  Mop kitchen floor
  • Cut E's hair
  • Water all plants & Fertilize
  • Proof Read 5 freelance manuscripts
  • Eat brunch with my sister on Sunday

Wow, that's a lot. We shall see how much I accomplish. Wish me luck!
And what's with the picture of the walking path?  Nothing really. I figured it's better than a boring picture of my to do list..written on the back of a shopping recent. I know, classy- but eco-friendly!

What's on your to-do list this weekend?


  1. Wow, that's a lot of to-do's! Looks like my never-ending list. This weekend (since it's raining) I have some thank you cards for an etsy trade I worked, hopefully going to make some new stuff to list, a scrapbook to finally start, a visit to my grandmother, a birthday celebration for the husband, and so on. Better get to it!

  2. Holy smokes! Good luck with that. I don't envy you because that's going to be one busy weekend. The biggest thing on my to do list this weekend is to fix the kitchen faucet. Funny - you don't realize how often you go to the kitchen sink during the day until you don't have one to go to.

  3. I don't know you two...you've got a lot on your plates this weekend too. So far, I have accomplished a TON! Woo! More to be done tomorrow. Weekends are definitely my time for social rendezvous and house chores. Speaking of, I am neglecting my kitchen floor mopping...off to do that! Thanks again for popping in!



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