Weekend Results

This past weekend I had a TON on my To Do list. So, here's what I accomplished:
  •  Work Camp Open House & Kid's Fishing Clinic
  • Clean Guest Bedroom (my cousin is coming to visit!)
  • Mail that package that has been sitting by my door for ages
  •  Attend Farmer's Market
  •  Play Tennis with our friends 
  •  Go to dinner with friends at a new (to me!) Retro Diner Vegan restaurant (I hear they have vegan milk shakes-oh, my!)
  • Meet with contractor
  •  Fill a few custom orders
  •  photograph all new jewelry
  •  list all new jewelry on Etsy
  •  Contact Interior Design Gallery to set-up time to bring in my wares
  • Make Father's Day Gifts
  •  Mop kitchen floor
  • Cut E's hair
  • Water all plants & Fertilize
  • Proof Read 5 freelance manuscripts
  • Eat brunch with my sister on Sunday
 Still haven't mailed that silly package. So wish the post office remained open until 9 PM! We had a fabulous time visiting with friends, nibbling and tasting all of the goodies at the Farmer's Market (ate the most amazing Tamales!), accomplished some much needed tasks for my etsy shop, and even squeezed in cutting E's hair. I think it was a fantastic weekend!

Hope your weekend was fulfilling as well. Wishing you a brilliant start to the week!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Very impressive! Congrats on having such a full and accomplished weekend. I'm still going.... :)



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