10 Really Good Things Right Now

Our first tomatoes. Never mind the weird growths. They were still tasty.

1. Tomatoes!!!
2. Looking forward to the Peace & Love Swap on Saturday- Free baby clothing!!!
3. So much voting love
4. Queen of the Sun
5. Mothers and Fathers Visiting
6.Moose Tracks Ice cream
7. Getting into a really good book
8. Sense of relief as I set aside things to sell, giveaway, and throw away
9. Playing out in the garden every day
10. Burrito Lunch With Sisters

So, I do find it odd that several of the items that made it to my top-10 list this week are food items. Food just brings me so much joy, and this list is making me hungry. Off to have some more Moose Tracks!

 Happy weekend friends!


  1. You can't beat home-grown tomatoes. Knobbly bits and all!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Annaboo! Home-grown tomatoes are delicious! We have been loving them.

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