Toddler Game::Gone Fishing

On a blazing afternoon you will either find E and I huddled near our oscillating fan (we don't have AC) or out in the garden playing with water. We fill E's baby tub with water and let the fun begin (you may remember these shenanigans from a few months ago). This time we went fishing for CORKS! (Remember this?)

We poured the corks into the water, I gave E a small net that was thrifted from Freecycle, and small plastic container to dump the "caught" corks in.

The object of the game, scoop all of the corks out of the water and...

Dump them into the container.

And repeat. Let me just say this game lasted for longer than I anticipated. I was able to water all of our plants without my little hose snatcher interfering!

Have you played in the water lately?


  1. Too cute!!! I bet he had a blast. :) :) I haven't played in the water lately but I'm really thinking about buying a kiddie pool for my dog to splash in... and maybe for me to lay out in the sun in! :P Sea Marie

  2. What a cute idea! Water games are always fun.

  3. Hi Cas! Oh you should get a baby pool for yourself (: That would be great.

  4. Hi Mandi,Thanks for stopping in! Does your family have any water games that they enjoy?

  5. Clearly another great idea from you Julia, for keeping wee man entertained and cool. It's very Monetessori too. Excellent, and hope you are staying cool.



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