10 Really Good Things Right Now

1. Literally rescued a bag full of vintage linens and lace from the landfill (score!)
2. Chilean Salad (aka: Tomatoes & White Onions...so delicious-recipe to come!)
3. Quiet Day(s)
4. Dinner Conversations at home
5. New to me clothing
6. Long talks with old friends
7. Changing Leaves
8.Just a virus...not pneumonia
9.Little Bear Books
10. Silly Photos

So, what are 10 really good things for you right now?


  1. Love that you rescued the vintage linens and lace! Looking forward to the recipe:)

  2. Hello my hideaway! Oh, the vintage linens and lace are just gorgeous...now to decide what to do with them all!

  3. For the vintage linens, you could take the ones with the most interesting/biggest designs and turn them into throw pillows! The one pictured would be a nice apron, too. :-)

  4. Paige, that is a fabulous idea. I will be sharing some thoughts on all this vintage fabric goodness soon. I think a few throw pillows are in order!



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