Kind Hearts Are Gardens

We've been spending a lot of time in the garden in these last weeks of summer. We even have our first melon (yes, that mystery plant is a honey dew!).All of my garden helpers love to spend their free time tending and caring for all our plants. E even calls the melon a "baby" and has to pat it after each watering (2x a day). Not sure where that thought came from, I am just thankful he's being gently with it...unlike his strawberries that he devoured before they ever had a chance to turn.

All of this garden time reminded me of a little rhyme my grandmother shared with me many  summers ago. In summer I often spent most of my time swimming in the river or digging for life in my Grandma's garden.

Kind hearts are gardens, 
Kind thoughts are roots, 
Kind words are blossoms, 
Kind deeds are fruits.

Wishing you and yours much kindness in all forms during these last days of summer.

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