Solo Aqui: Sunrise Moon

Lately it's been our morning ritual to go outside to see if the moon is still "awake." E loves to look up in the early morning sky and try to find that sometimes absent, sometimes full and sometimes crescent shape he has recently learned to call the "moong."

He points his little chubby finger up to the sky and raises his voice in excitement the moment he finds that mischievous moon.


It has become our silly tradition. One that brings a spring to my step each day. A memory that I will write down in my son's baby book. A topic of conversation later in life. Perhaps a  jumping off point to begin to tell him the importance of the moon to his family. A way to share with him the legacy of his great grandfather, whom I can't help but think about every morning as I look for that moon among the sunrise.


  1. Wow, that's amazing! What a thought to have every time you see the moon, to be proud of that legacy and connection to the moon. So neat!

  2. Hi Kiley! Thanks for stopping into this space again. So good to see you here. The moon is so very special to us and as the fall approaches I think of my grandfather more. The last time I saw him was in October two years ago. Miss him greatly and am so sad he didn't get to meet his first great grandson, but love that I get to think about him every morning. Special. Take Care, and hope to see you around here again soon!

  3. I did not know that about your grandfather. That is really amazing! What a great story for Emory to have as well.
    Coen loves finding the moon as well - in the sky and in his books!



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