Thrifty Mama: DIY Upcycled Headband

Hello lovely readers! In the midst of packing I had a spark of creativity (I think it was due to going through all of my stash fabrics!) and thus this little upcycled headband and tutorial were born. 

What You Need:
One Headband (Out of style, ugly, too big, etc)
Left-Over Fabric (I used some vintage silk)
Glue Dots

 Start by cutting a 1" strip of your fabric about 3 feet long.

Place one Glue Dot on the inside tip of your headband. Press the end of your fabric into the Glue Dot as show above.

Place a Glue Dot on top of the folded fabric. Fold in both sides of the fabric. Use another Glue Dot to secure if necessary.

Wrap your fabric around your headband. Overlap at least 1/4 inch  on each wrap and pull tightly. 

Fold in the sides and place a Glue Dot to secure the end. 

Wear with style!

Have you upcycled anything lately?


  1. Hey, cute! That's a great use for otherwise "useless" materials!

  2. what a good idea! it seems like it would keep the pesky ends from digging into my head too

  3. Hi Kristen, Oh yes! It's been a great new addition to my accessories.


    Hi Kaysie! Thanks for stopping in! The wrapping has helped relieve some of that pressure that comes from wearing headbands.

  4. OH my! How cute is THIS! I love upcycled lovelies...I would totally rock a fab headband like this! :D

    Your blog is that I've stumbled across it! I think I'll stick around for awhile, mmmmmkay? ;)



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