Right now I hold up to three jobs. I know I have mentioned that here before, but it's true. And it's exhausting. I proof read and copy edit scientific papers, I write in this space, I work part time at a summer camp as a sales/marketing guru (oh yes, guru), I am a co-partner with a dear friend in our PeaceLove Swap Venture, and I am a mom...oh and I sort of have a shop on Etsy. Ok, that's like SIX jobs. No wonder I am tired.

The point is that lately I have hit a wall and need some more ME time. More than one gets during that  five minutes in the bathroom now and then during the day. I do look forward to those times, though...deep breath.

 Typically in this space I don't like to be a complainer. That's not what this blog is all about (oh, heavens no). This blog is about the happy, peaceful and inspiring moments from my daily life. Brief snapshots of what I have been exploring, working, or experiencing with myself and family.

Recently a coworker at the camp was talking about a bit of wisdom she received from a dance teacher when she was a child. The teacher was pregnant and had announced that she would be leaving her job to spend the time with her family. The little dancers wanted to know why, and this is what the teacher replied:

" If you drop your career life you will be able to pick it back up and start a new. If you drop your family life it will shatter, never to be put back together."

I paused and considered what my coworker had just shared. Her words lingered. I brought them home. I shared them with my husband. I shared them with one of my best friends from High School. And now I find myself sharing them in this space with you. Funny how the world presents you with little wake-up calls. If only I would listen more often. Clearly, this is my wake-up call to readjust my 3  6 jobs to bring my life back into balance.

Don't worry I won't be giving up on this space. It brings me far too much happiness, and reading all of your loving comments always makes me want to continue. No, I will be saying my farewells to some of my other occupations. In hopes to spend more time with those I love and doing those things that make my heart sing.

Do you find yourself struggling with finding that balance too? What has been occupying your time recently?


  1. I find I have a hard time balancing being a mom and keeping the house in some semblance of order, in addition to trying to keep an Etsy shop and writing a blog. I enjoy them all, but definitely can't fit them all into one day. I find I have to have a house day, and Etsy day, etc. in order to actually focus on anything and get some quality time. A little bit of me time would be nice, though, too! :)

  2. Hi Julia, that could have been me writing this. I completely resonate with you. I have not really felt the vibe for writing in my blog lately. Sometimes the thought of writing a blog post just feel me with dread. I love blogging, but I don't want it to take over my family life.
    I have to admire mothers like you, who try so hard, and put their children first at the cost themselves. There will be plenty of time to spend on your ventures when the babies are bigger :)
    Don't pressure yourself- I think you are AMAZING:)

  3. Ah.... I know that feeling all to well. Towards the end of spring I was right in your boat, too much going on and not enough time to just enjoy my life. I cut a few things out (and actually started this blog... lol) and figured out everything that was actually important. I think I'm finally in a really nice, comfortable place. Such a good feeling. :) Sea Marie

  4. Oh you all have made me feel so much better. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Wishing you all the balance and serenity your are needing.



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