Solo Aqui::Around the Corner

 Soon I will walk up and down these front steps with my wee one every day (planning to paint those quaint steps, and of course give that front yard lots of love and care. Any thoughts on colors for those steps?)

Soon I will be able to wash  dishes as I watch my wee one step in and out of those double window doors all by himself (as he has shown me numerous times already).

Soon the small closet will be filled and adjusted to a toddler's height (currently in the process of picking out new door knobs for the closet. Loving these knobs right now).

So many "soons" just around the corner. Looking forward to sharing our adventures in this new space. Is anyone in the process of moving and making a space their own again?


  1. That is so exciting! It is so much fun to envision what your new space will be. :)

  2. So exciting... moving! I just moved 2 months ago and am still figuring out things I want to do to make this place more "mine". Can't wait to see updates on all of the projects! -- Sea Marie

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments you two. Life has been very full this last week, but it has been nice to stop and dream just a little bit!



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