In My Contained Garden: Mystery Plant

Remember this little guy? My mystery plant. Earlier this summer I planted a random seed, and shortly after that wee seed began bursting with large fan-like leaves. That was about two months ago.

And is that "wee" plant. It's large and taking over and spilling out of its pot. We have determined it is some sort of melon, and we have a hunch it's honey dew.We even have a little round "melon" developing . E and I check on it every day to see how much bigger this "wee" plant of ours can get.

So, here's to reaching-growing-expanding to new heights this week. We have a lot on our plates this week. I think I will take it day by day. Surely and steadily everything will fall into place and grow-reach-expand  to its full potential. Just like my mystery plant.

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