Solo Aqui: Eating Midnight Sunshine

Overwhelmed. Yes. Over...whelmed. That's how I have been feeling these last few weeks.Working too many jobs (3!), stressing about purchasing our new home (yay!), planning to move (uhg), just being a mom...shall I continue? And so, like with any overwhelming situation I decided to go for a walk.

 On our walk we encountered blackberry bushes that were loaded with ripe delicious berries. We stopped, popping those little deep purple clusters  into our mouths. Their reminiscent tang electrifying my senses; reminding me of hot summer days, rolled up jeans and that lusty summer breeze.

those berries who drink in sunshine and squeeze the ink out of midnight rejuvenated my soul. Giving me the sense of ease I had been longing for. I went home knowing I could continue no matter what "whelming" task presented itself.

I think I shall go back to those berry bushes again tomorrow...


  1. I know how you feel, and Mummies always take the majority of stress on their shoulders. I have taken on too much recently- Deep healing breaths.
    Children are amazing at giving you a balance and instant clarity.
    A trip out to the woods searching for blackberries is a favourite past time for my girls.

    Keep calm, and don't beat yourself up x

  2. Stress is such a pain! I too am going through the home buying process (for the first time!) it's been such a rollercoaster too. So I completely understand...I'm supposed to close Friday but I still don't know if I will be "clear to close" or not! Ahhh! Living amongst boxes is just awful! It seems to me like you're doing a fabulous job juggling, you even managed to get regular blog posts in, you're doing great!

  3. You brought me back to being a kid and finding these bushes when on walks in the woods! We were always soooo excited to find them.... :) Sea Marie

  4. Thank you you three. Just reading your kind words helps to melt all that stress away! Thanks for always joining me in this space. It means the world to me (:

    @Jenna- Good luck with closing! Sending you some virtual suppport. We will make it through!

  5. Julia, call me over the weekend, maybe we can grab a walk together, before the move. xoxoxo, Nina



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