Vintage Back Talk: Redux Lounge

Hello Wonderful Readers! Today I am so happy to share  an interview with Jill and Kristin of
 These two Vintage Hunters will help you the next time you in pursuit of that perfect piece of vintage luxury wear with a little flair.

1. Why do you love Vintage?
Kristin: I personally love vintage because it feels more unique as opposed to buying something at a department store. the pieces feel like they come with a story or two attached. i find the past to be romantic.

Jill: I love vintage because it adds romance and eccentricity to my wardrobe. I also enjoy a good treasure hunt. Finding an amazing dress in the way back of a store, or at the bottom of a pile is absolutely thrilling. A sense of pride and satisfaction washes over me as though I’ve completed a crucial mission

2. What Sparked Your Interest In Vintage?
Kristin:  I grew up in a military family, often moving from city to city. as a kid, no matter where I landed I never seemed to be wearing the "in style" at the local school.
Eventually, perhaps by eighth grade, I decided to embrace my differences, as opposed to adapting. Vintage finds were an easy choice. Sometimes i would choose a piece for its fabric and create a totally new garment (like making leopard print pedal pushers from a frumpy housecoat).

Jill:  My favorite vintage items are those that come with a history. As a child my parents were on The J Peterman mailing list, and I loved the stories that accompanied each piece. It was romantic. My mother read fantasy books to me when I young, and I believe this too colored my imagination with exotic images and extravagant royal costumes. Unable to find clothing off the rack that resembled the images in my mind, I turned to vintage ingredients while assembling the outfits I craved.

3. What Lead you to begin selling Vintage?
Jill: Last year I worked in a vintage store, Macalistaire at 1850, in Laguna Beach and was immersed in a fabulous collection of vintage furniture, art, rugs, pottery, fabric, jewelry, and clothing, all curated by the owner and school teacher Rachiel Macalistaire. Not only is she a vintage encyclopedia, she is the person who gave me the title of Stylist. That moment was important for me. Although styling was something I’d been doing all my life, the name had been missing. Most of what I know I learned from her, and from working with Kristin Skubinna.
At Macalistaire at 1850 I was introduced to ETSY, and finally reached the point where I felt confident in my ability to operate an ETSY store with Kristin. History is not one of my strengths, however I’ve found that my enthusiasm for vintage fashion is giving me an accidental education that’s pain-free. I admire Kristins personal style because she takes huge fashion risks and they pay off. She combines patterns and colors effortlessly.

Kristin: I've been collecting for probably 25 years...then i met Jill. She was working at a vintage store in Laguna Beach. I would travel there to visit her and spend long chunks of time perusing every rack, shelf, box, etc. She would even go into a back room and pull things out for me. I was in heaven. then one day I proposed the etsy idea. People had been telling me for two years "you should have a store on etsy"...i also heard the phrase "that (fill in the blank) is so cute! you always find the cutest things!"...i harped Jill for three months until she gave in:) we were off and running!!

4. Do you have a style, decade, and type of fabric that is your favorite?

Jill: According to Kristin my favorite decade is the 90’s. She calls me Linda Evans and says I need to get the Dynasty box set. I’ve never seen it. Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with looking like you’re on Safari all the time, with a dash of Dubai royalty, and Victorian lace. I like to layer and mix it up.

Kristin:  I love BARKCLOTH...50's, 60's 70's any decade of barkcloth...possibly an addiction. I also have a ridiculous soft spot for 60's slips , petticoats and peignoirs:) I wear underwear as outerwear all the time: I'm glad I've been transplanted from Seattle to LA so I can do this with great frequency.

5. If you could only pack one vintage item with you on a vacation, what would it be?
Kristina 70's floral baby doll

6. What are your tips to sizing when it comes to vintage? Especially vintage luxury wear?
Kristin:  you really have to go by measurements rather than sizes...
I tend to err on the larger size if I LOVE a piece, cuz I can always add a dart to a garment that's a wee bit too big ...I can't always lose a rib to fit in that XXS.

Jill: [With vintage clothing]“divide the size in half and add a size” it seems to work. so if it says it’s a 12 its really an 8. 

Thanks Ladies! 
This is the last installment of Vintage Back Talk, but don't worry, I have something up my sleeve for the fall! Please share what your favorite interview from Vintage Back Talk was this summer! I would love to hear your feedback about these sets of interviews!


  1. Great interview! Lots of great info...heading over to check out their shop now!

  2. I'm cracking up over the Dynasty bit! I bet they would be fun to shop with.

  3. THANK YOU so much Julia! I’m unbelievably excited.


    jill buxie

  4. I love the first vintage dress!
    great feature. I'm recently featured by another Etsy fellow too. What a lovely support!


  5. I am so glad everyone is getting as much of a kick out of these gals as I did. They are truly an awesome team. Next time I'm in Hollywood, I am dropping in!



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