Thrifty Mama: What I Wore

Yeah, so again not sure why I am doing these "what I wore" posts, since I feel kind of like a nerd "posing" for you all. Ahem. Anyway, thought you would enjoy the break down of this totally cheap outfit

Shirt: $3 Goodwill
Tank-top underneath: $1 Garage Sale
Pants: Free (from a swap hosted with friends)
Earrings: Gift, from that worldly mama of mine (thanks mom!)
Bangles: Upcycled by me (tutorial to come at the end of September on Desirous of Everything)

 As you can see I totally have a color pallet. I love to wear black and dark colors and grays. Mostly because  wearing black always makes me feel put together. Plus, if my toddler spews something on it you can't totally  tell right away. I wear jewelry too for the same reason as I wear black, it helps me feel more "together." My friends laugh that I always wear jewelry, but hardly ever make-up. Don't get me wrong, I love good make-up products, but I find I usually only have some time for more than sunscreen, mascara and lip-balm. However, it's so easy to throw on some bangles and earrings on the run!

What colors do you prefer to wear? Which do you have to have?- Make-up or Jewelry?

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  1. I love black and gray, too. I recently realized that I have been slowly "neutralizing" my wardrobe. I am bad with jewelry. I always used to wear earrings and a watch to work, and now that I'm home, I wear neither! I really would like to be one of those people who accessorize well, but I'm not, and I don't have the jewelry stash to do so. I generally do get some minimal make-up on, though.



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