Weekend To Do

Love this Printable Calendar From Anything But Perfect

There's a lot to do in these next two weekend days. Fingers crossed I accomplish it all!

-Host Yard Sale (finally!)
-Final walk through of new home...before it's ours!
-Do some deep cleaning
-Do some deep breathing (I think I can do all of this!)
-Work (have some editing that needs attention)
-Walk with a dear friend
-sweep, sweep and mop
-Make this tomato and carrot soup
-Pack a few more boxes (no more procrastinating!)
-Put together the next two weeks of birthday gits

1 comment:

  1. You can totally accomplish all of this! Some of it seems like "do under pressure" work anyway that HAS to be done. Good luck, and make sure you enjoy yourself at least part of the weekend!

    Oh- P.S. Working on a few printables like you suggested! To post soon.... :)



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