Follow the Leader

How do you keep an active toddler busy during a garage sale? Well, besides having him fill up bags full of rocks( I used my grocery bag sign technique for my garage sale) make an obstacle course and have his friends play along!

Seriously, toddles love this sort of thing! First Create  starting point (see the star?)

Add some fun elements such as a plank for the wee ones walk and balance on. They loved walking side-ways, forwards and yes, even backwards (with parental supervision, of course).

Add some fun number learning. My son LOVES turtles, so turtles with numbers written in them-perfect. Plus, we love counting to three. Toddlers do love stepping from one element to another and these turtles did the trick.

End with a wow!  ended my obstacle course with a trip down the slide. The best part? Besides a little effort on my part and some handy-work with some chalk, this activity cost $0. Totally loving these cheap and free activities that keep my toddler a happy camper.

Have you created anything lately that has kept your wee one happy and occupied for more than 5 minutes?


  1. That is such a great idea! I don't have little ones, but I will try to remember this for if I have some one day.

  2. Julia, you are just incredible with your great artistic talents! And, Emory is HOW OLD? Watch out, World -- here comes Mr. Emory! GGT

  3. This is so sweet. I used to make obstacle courses when I was a kid- we would do them at my birthday parties. Always so much fun!

  4. Aren't obstacle courses just so much fun?! We had to make another one today. Sarah, I will have to remember to do this at one of my son's birthday parties. Great idea!



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