To the Pumpkin Farm

Last week, amidst our sleepless nights, we decided to take an excursion with a few of our loved-ones to an adorable flower and herb garden nursery and pumpkin patch. We have been enjoying some of the fun country flavor the Gold Country has to offer, and this is probably one of our favorite outings so far. The pictures are not the best as they were taken with my phone. I know. Horrible phone photos. Promise that once I am back in my house, with internet, and a place for my computer the picture quality (and posts) will improve.

Fall is my favorite time of year and I was feeling really bummed that we were not getting to do any of our "usual" fall celebrations. Spending a morning picking out pumpkins that look like they were grown for a Cinderella fairy tale improved my mood, and made me realize that perhaps it's time I embrace this unusual circumstance and just enjoy each hour in it. The time will pass, and soon I will needing to be thinking about house work again, cleaning (check out the post on 10/18 from Jessica from the Good Little Life on Homemade Green House Cleaning Products-totally worth a read!), organizing and all that it takes to make a house a home.

We did plenty of running as there was much to see and touch for small hands. Giant pumpkins, old trucks that look straight out of the movie cars, oh and a perfect fire engine wagon to carry both toddlers and pumpkins in. It was a lovely way to spend a morning. Looking forward to a good week. I will be back in this space again in a few days. Check back on 10/18 for guest post with Jessica of the Good Little Life!

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  1. lovely post Julia, those pumpkins are enormous. I love Autumn too, it is a magical time of year. Wishing you good health, and lots of love . Jo xxx



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