The Quiet


No, I haven't disappeared. I am still very much here. Living my daily life of working, taxiing-toddlers to play groups and babysitters houses, cleaning and washing the never-ending pile of dishes/laundry, spending quality time with the husband and babe and just being.

This December is proving to be my time to really sink in. To get acquainted, and in some respects, to get acquainted again with who I am, why I blog, why I create. And, sometimes a little (more) quiet is just needed.

I shall return to this space off an on as the fates see fit for the next month. In the meantime, take a look at some of the great past tutorials, interviews on Vintage Backtalk, and recipes from Vegetarian Sundays.

There will be much more to celebrate (especially my reaching the one year anniversary of the GoatNotes blog!)  and talk about in 2012. Until then, wishing you and yours a happy and delightful Holiday season.




  1. I love your blog so much ( and you are amazing too) I will always feel right at home stepping into the world of Julia xxxx

  2. Oh Jo, you are so wonderful. Thank you for your loving comment. I feel the same way about your blog (and YOU!).

  3. thanks Julia... I hope getting out will be freeing. I'm scared of the part where I have to decide where to move to. Home is a relative term nowadays, and I'm scared no one will hire me.

    but i guess these fears are pertinent to anyone's life, with the economy being the way it is, hopefully wherever I end up I'm happy :)

  4. Greetings From Southern California

    Merry Christmas & Happy 2012

    *The "W" in Christmas*




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