Weekly Distractions

Hello dear readers! The quiet is almost over, and I am simmering with so many wonderful DIY projects, blog-spirations, cooking concoctions (most delicious) and all that makes Goat Notes so dear to my heart (and hopefully to yours too) that I will share with you starting in 2012. In the midst of all of this holiday cheer I have found a few havens in my daily mandated time of "me time" these past few weeks. Here's what's been distracting me from the house chores this week:

*This podcast has gotten me so interested in France during the time when Versalles was the place to be (and be seen!).
*I am loving this artist's work and blog
* Listening to this group while making avgolemono (Greek lemon soup)
* Dying to make Rosemary and Brown Sugar Roasted Walnuts
* Thinking about infusing some more vodka like this

What's been distracting you?


  1. wishing you an abundant and connected 2012- happy new year xxx

  2. Thank you Jo! Wishing you a fantastic 2012!



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