Simple Living Challenge


The day before our New Year's Eve celebration was spent scrubbing and polishing all parts of my little home to ensure it would be suitable for two guests and their furry pup. In the process, I found myself gathering more and more things from around our house to get rid of. I must have exclaimed several times, "Why on Earth do we still have this?" and "Why did we think this was so important to pack in a box, move across town, store and then unpack in our new home when we never use it!?" 

We have already been striving to lead simpler existences (we still have not hooked-up our television), but I feel there are still areas of our lives that could use a little simplifying (hello that pile of boxes in my garage!).

So in an effort to force myself to simply I am joining in on Kanelstrand Blog's pledge to Simple Living. Starting on February 1st, 2012 the simple living will begin.

Here are some of the areas that Kanelstrand will focus on:
  • Find happiness in simple everyday routines
  • Increase self-sufficiency
  • Live with less
  • Reconsider technology
  • Simplify our virtual life
I know I will be focusing on increasing my productivity, and I also think I will look into simplifying my finances too. I think a fabulous goal would be to become debt free in 2 years (minus the house payment!).

What are some things you hope to simplify in 2012?

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  1. We're pretty good about getting rid of our stuff, but we're both completely dependent upon technology. It's so bad. Maybe I'll make than an honorary goal for 2012 along with the rest I posted today...



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