Fresh Rosemary-Citrus Rooibos Tea Recipe

Freshly cut oranges are like the smell of summertime in the dead of winter, even in a California winter. I can't get enough of that sultry zest and flavor and, fortunately for me,  I  inherited a prolific, and oh-is it PROLIFIC, orange tree with my new home.So, I have more ornages than I know what to do with.

I think I have juiced at least 10 gallons, and yet there are still MORE perfectly ripe oranges just waiting for their time to be added to a toddler's juice cup, a spicy chili sauce, or for some, my afternoon iced tea.

I typically make a tea infusion once a week, and this week I decided to throw in some freshly cut oranges and fresh herbs to see if it would chase away some of this gloomy fog. The result? A spunky, puckery and aromatic tea that lighted my spirits.

If  you want to make your own here's what you need:
1 Fresh Orange sliced (I used naval orange)
Loose-leave Rooibos Tea
1 Fresh or dried sprig of Rosemary
Hot Water

Make Your Tea:
Place your loose leaf tea into a teapot and cover thoroughly with hot water. Once the tea is steeped add the sliced oranges and Rosemary. For the oranges add as much or as little as you like.Allow the tea with the added goodies to sit for about 10 minutes at room temperature. Once cooled a bit place in the refrigerator until the tea is completely cooled. Remove the oranges and loose bits of rosemary and enjoy a refreshing glass!


  1. thank u julia that u like the feature artist post--- i will do a special post this V-day! and u know its you :) also i want to try this tea for my husband---he loves tea alot! thank you for this God bless sis :)

  2. AMAZING! This looks FABULOUS! I'm going to try it for sure! Thanks for sharing at my party!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Excited to see what you share at my party tomorrow! XO, Aimee

  3. I LOVE hot tea and this sounds so good! Wanna make some tea bags and ship 'em over to the East Coast for me? :) Thanks for linking up!



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