That Little Sequined Dress

It's Friday! This week has been crazy-busy for me with some deadline pressure, hence the MIA of my appearance in the space. No worries though, I'll be back in this space again (fingers crossed) next week.

 Now something fun. Many of you asked about that little sequined dress/outfit I wore to the Ritz Carlton a week ago. It was a splashy number that also turned a lot of heads that evening (so fun!). Here's the inside scoop on that little darling of an outfit. Oh, and yes, the photo is from the bathroom at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. I know, classy.

 Dress: Borrowed, $0- Arden B Belt: Borrowed, $0- Arden B Leggings: Mine, $10- Mossimo/Target Sweater: Purchased by me for the said friend I borrowed the dress from and then borrowed the sweater again, $15- Guess Shoes: Mine, $3- Good Will Thrift Store Earrings: Borrowed, $0- H&M

Have a great weekend!

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