Daily Inspiration: In Bloom

Can I tell you a secret? OK, now don't get too excited. For some reason I am whispering this as I am typing...I know, weird. Anyway, these beautiful pictures of the stunning roses from my yard, the ones in this very post... were taken months ago by my Mother-in-Law. (whispered)

So, why is this strange girl confessing in hushed tones that she's posting old pictures?...And they are somehow  supposed to be inspirational? 

OK, so here's the deal. I was recently reminded of the close-up picture, the one you see above, as it was the center piece on my Mother's Day Card from the said Mother-in-Law this past weekend. It was stunning. Breath-taking, really. 

The color is so alive. Vibrant. A reminder that summer is on it's way. It has inspired me to come alive again too. It's time to tap back into what feeds me creatively. It's time to bloom.

I hope over the next few days to share images, snippets and findings that are currently inspiring me. I hope you will consider doing the same. 

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