Modern Art Sculpture for Toddlers

All it took to keep an active toddler occupied and out of trouble, while I frantically made an elaborate dinner, was an old spice jar and some pipe cleaners. Yep. That was it. Child was entertained for 45 minutes.    Solid.

He pulled and pushed those pipe cleaners in and out of the jar over and over. He marveled that he could see the pipe cleaners in the jar, but not touch them. He proclaimed he was making a spider...then it was a it was mama (no idea about that one...maybe me when I get up in the morning?). Whatever he decided those interlaced pipe cleaners were from moment to moment, provided his mama the much needed time to put the final touches on the evening meal.

You too can make something similar from items found in the cupboards of your home. My spice jar, which was from Target, and  used to hold garlic powder, was washed, cleaned and dried. The pipe cleaners are from a large pack I got off of Freecylce over two years ago. Find a solid surface, and a little free time, and give your child all the time he or she wants to create their very own modern art sculpture. You just may find a second or two to put your feet up and relax. Or make a complicated dinner, in my case.

Have you devised any frugal creative inspirations that keep your kids occupied lately?

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  1. I don't have any kids, but I do have a nephew who just turned one and WOW is he active for a person his age. He likes to play with plastic water bottles and hats, so we tended to give him those and let him go to town.

  2. Nice!! You are so creative! We will have to try that one! =)

    1. Hi Sarah!!! It's such a fun one. So easy (: Miss you like crazy.



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