5 of My Favorite Things Right Now

1. Recycled Necktie Kindle Case by Unorthodox Crafts

Ok, before you hop yourself to to the comments section to shout loudly why reading books on real pages is the only way to read a book. Let's be real for a second. Trust me I love the printed word. But, I love my Kindle too. I love books. I love to read. As you can see that in addition to my kindle I am sharing TWO printed books that I think are just awesome. 

As someone who is a voracious reader, my Kindle is truly one of my favorite all time devices ever created. Since my Kindle goes everywhere with me, it needed a fancy-schmancy case to keep it protected. Fortunately I have a very talented artist in my family who makes spectacular cases from recycled  neckties.I can feel high-tech and cutting edge while saving the environment.

The latest cookbook to make it into my collection is Joy Wilson's Joy the Baker Cookbook, which I am so very excited about! I have been a long time fan of Miss Wilson's blog and mad-cooking skills. It's going to be fun to try some of her tasty treats. So far, I am a big fan of the "Single Lady Melty Lava Cakes." Seriously, it's a lave cake recipe for one. Now I won't have to share!

We have been on a slow crusade to rid our home of plastic drinking vessels and storage containers. The problem is with a toddler it is very difficult to live without plastic. Glass is not always the best option and wood just doesn't always cut it. After many months searching I finally found the perfect solution. A metal drinking cup from the greenheart Shop. Not only are they beautiful, but they are fair trade too! 

4. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Last year I gave up using paper towels, which has been a huge success. We still only buy a three pack of paper towels every 6-8 months, because there are just certain things you have to use a paper towel for. Otherwise, we only use clean rags and towels. This year my goal has been to reduce our plastic bag use. Thanks to my amazingly talented friend Sarah (*Hi Sarah!) she has gotten me well on my way to ditching plastic snack bags forever. Does anyone know of a sewing pattern  that would allow me to create more of these amazing bags?

You can read my deeper thoughts about this book and enter the GIVEAWAY that ends today (winners will be announced on Monday June 4th) on this POST. To just add to my enthusiasm for this book, it's gotten me motivated to schedule my first family camping trip, as well as a weekend getaway with my sweet husband. Can't wait to share the adventures from those trips with you all in this space soon! Look out summer, here I come!

So, what are your favorite things right now? Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my bags. =) I am so glad you are enjoying them so much! I got my pattern off of Etsy. Let me know if you need help finding it.

  2. I love those sandwich bags! We're trying to cut down on plastic bag use in our household too - Of course we use the reusable grocery bags, but we've also got some reusable bulk and produce bags too. And I would definitely prefer to use a cute little fabric bag than a plastic container for ANY kind of snack - easier to shove in a backpack, fewer dishes, easier on the planet pretty much all around. This was a great post!



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