Work In Progress Friday

Paper Mache Wand and Paper Mache Sail Boat (under construction).

It's Friday, and I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry about that. I have had a little too much going on lately. It might have something to with this personal challenge I have given myself. It's going to sound crazy (because it probably is crazy!), but I am going to attempt to make, with my own two hands, all the gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah of 2012. Crazy? Probably, but I have always enjoyed giving handmade gifts, and this would just give me the jump start I need. Since it's almost July and I have a little time before the mad-dash to holidays I am going to spend the next eight weeks attempting to get all the gifts completed.

In addition to sharing some of the  hand  made gifts I create, I have some fabulous guest posts of tutorials and ideas of gifts you too can hand make ahead of the holiday season rush.

If you have a tutorial about hand made gifts for kids, women, or men, and would like to share it on GoatNotes please send it along! You can reach me on my contact page.

So, what have you been spending your free time creating lately? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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