Easy Iced Coffee Recipe Using a Keurig

I love my Keurig. I use it every morning to make me a hot cup of (decaf) jo. Lately though, I have been wanting another cup in the afternoon. The problem is the weather has been so darn hot! And even though I live around the corner from Starbucks, seriously, I can walk there, it is nice to know I can get something similar to an iced coffee at home. And it takes no time at all. Perfect.

Now, before I go any further I want you all to know this is NOT a sponsored post. I am NOT an affiliate for Keurig (I wish I was- think of the samples!) and I am NOT an affiliate for Starbucks (although, I probably should be). Okay. That is settled. Moving on.

  To make your sweet afternoon pick me up all you need is to grab an empty coffee cup add 2 tsp of sugar, or more if you like more into the cup. Now, add a handful of ice cubes. As much as you can fit into your cup. Place the coffee cup onto your Keurig.

 Select your favorite K-cup coffee (regular or decaf) and place it into your Keurig. Select the smallest brewing cup option on the Keurig, this will make  your coffee will have a stronger flavor.

Allow to brew.

Pour milk on top of the brewed coffee and ice and stir. You will need to add more ice before enjoying as the first batch will melt.

Grab your favorite type of pastry and enjoy.


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