On Daddy's Day

I didn't end up constructing a mini S'More's grill for my husband  for this year's Father's Day (See Yesterday's post). Instead we made cards  and printed photos for the grandpa's, and E and I made (well, I made) love notes to hide around our home for my husband to find. Love notes seem to be popular around our house lately (see this post), and I thought I should keep with this latest tradition.

My son and I are truly honored to spend our days with my husband, and he's such a great dad I thought leaving love notes with the top 10 reasons why we love him for him to find would be a special way to show him how much we care. At first it took a bit to figure out how to put my thoughts down in such small compact space as a sticky note. However, to my surprise it wasn't long before I had all 10 complete.

E and I  hid the notes around our home, and allowed my husband  to find them on his own time throughout the weekend. I think he enjoyed finding these notes tucked in unusual spaces like the refrigerator, his bed-side book, and in his closet. He now has his own little pile of love-sticky-notes  next to his side of the bed. I am hoping it will bring him joy for the next few days.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Father's Day!

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