Solo Aqui: Preserving Baby's Art

Packing is really not my most enjoyable form of entertainment. I am sure nobody really enjoys it, however the things you discover when you are packing are often priceless. For example, I came across a stack of my son's artwork dating from age 7 months to, well, yesterday (20 months).

The artwork was just sitting in a stack by my nightstand. A "quick" project I had been meaning to put together for, well since about a year ago! During all this packing I had found a stack of empty binders and sheet protectors. A totally perfect way to store those precious scribbles only a mother can love!

My favorite (don't tell E this!) is his marker scribbles he asked me to entitle: "Boats." He drew this one after our trip to Fort Bragg where we indeed spotted many a boat out on the ocean. After drawing this picture he ran to me saying, "baodt, boadt!!" So, I made sure to write what those images were!

The binder contains E's first finger painting as well as his first hand prints. Special bits of childhood I surely don't want to forget. The idea to store his artwork in a binder is not my own, but something I read in the book:  Steady Days about 2 years ago. Truly a great way for all of us, including E, to enjoy his works of art over and over again.

How do you preserve your children's artwork?

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