Summer Vacation Day Dreams

It's Monday and I am up super early in attempts to get some work done. It's still dark outside, and my mind and eyes are cloudy with sleep. Which, doesn't make focusing on getting work done easier.

In my  attempts to focus, my eyes are drawn towards a stack of  pamphlets on my dining room table I picked up recently from the Amtrak station. Silly slogans like "trips by train" and "Hey Kids! Caboose Club" harken my attention much more than searching for the correct comma placement.


My thoughts transcend to riding in one of those trains to Yosemite, to Seattle or maybe even to Victoria Canada.  I mean, who wouldn't want to travel on something as classy-sounding as the Coast StarlightI think, by train could be a viable way to travel, especially with a two-year-old (and oh, my would my two-year-old lose his cookies if we rode a train!).

Yes, I think I will continue to consider these summer vacation options as I watch the sun awaken and the day begin.

Have you ever traveled by Amtrak with your family? Are you already considering summer vacation plans?


  1. When living on the east coast my friends and I would travel by train from Baltimore to NYC to visit the galleries and see major museum exhibits at the Metropolitan and Guggenheim. It was a fun way to travel. Took us right into Grand Central station and from there we took a bus up into Manhattan. It was always a fun trip back then.

  2. Hi Anonymous! I have similar memories, as I took the same trip about 7 years ago. Truly amazing. Breathtaking in so many ways. Thanks for stopping in!



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