Oh happenings of this busy life...

- Returning from vacation can be difficult...especially when there is a pile of laundry waiting for me
- Returning from vacation can be even more difficult when one realizes all of those "pre-scheduled" blog posts never posted...(sigh).
- Watching the first full-length movie with my son couldn't have been better (we watched Cars, and yes, I do realize that movie came out, in like, 2007. No big deal, right?).
-Dreaming and scheming on my next big idea.
-Keep thinking there should be more people in this house, after a week of the whole family together it's feeling a little lonely here.
-So thankful that potty training and bed training have been such a breeze... lately. 
-Amazed at how tall that corn grew in seven days.
-Wishing the ocean was still part of my back yard.
-Thinking about all of outfits I could wear my new sandles with.
- Planning my next adventure into the woods.

How about you, what's happening in your life lately?


  1. Blogger has duped me with scheduled posts not showing up, too! So now I just take care of it myself, even if it means getting up early.

    Sounds like you had a blast at the beach! I still haven't seen Cars, so it's not just you. :-)

  2. I know...blogger! The beach is amazing. I think I can safley answer that question of beach or mountains? I would say, "beach."



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