June Recap

It's Friday and it's almost the last day of June. I can't believe it. This has been a month of crafty-craziness and sweet escapes for me. Since it was such a fun month, I kind of want to relive some of it. Here are some of my favorite posts from June:

1. Wilbur Hot Springs Getaway...need I say more?

2. My five favorite things right now. This was so much fun to write that I plan to share a post like this one every month. Stay tuned for Monday!

3. I can't wait to use chia seeds in other recipes in July like I did in the vegan chia seed and dried cherry scone recipe. Maybe a 4th of July chia seed milk shake?

4. I have been in the process of making more of those cute memory games for all the little children in my life with summer birthdays. It's so much fun to come up with more versions!

5. Plus there have been more and more button snakes creeping into people's birthday bags this season too.

How about you, what have been some of your favorite events and such from June?

1 comment:

  1. the button snakes are adorable! and i love any kind of scone!

    xoxo, Amy



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