Hello October

Wow, it's 6 days into October. I can't believe it! Sorry to have been so quiet in this space. I have needed some time to focus and ground myself during this transition. I will be back more frequently starting in the  next week or so. In the meantime, I thought I would share with you the top 5 posts from September, based on what was viewed the most. Some I thought were pretty amusing.

Yep, that's E in his Shark Halloween costume from last year. I made the costume out of a grey hoodie-sweatshirt, and boy has it gotten a lot of hits in September...and it is my most popular post of all time with a total of 2,268 views. Perfect for Halloween!

This post, about my super cheap wardrobe, has been a favorite this last month.

I loved sharing this guest post from Sarah of Desirous of Everything. She's an awesome librarian from New York with a knack for selecting fabulous reads for those small tikes in our lives.

Who doesn't love a good make-over story? This was one of my fave posts from September, and truly that sweater is now one of my go-to sweaters. Or, maybe it's because it's one of the only sweaters I can locate at the moment. Either way, it's still cute. 

We played Follow the Leader several times throughout September and throughout our moving process...and now find ourselves making indoor obstacle courses to follow now that the rain has started. I am sure this will be an activity I continue to revisit over the next several months.

A lot sure happened in September! And more is to happen in October. We are looking forward to finally moving into that new home I keep talking about , we will be celebrating a huge event next weekend (my mom is getting married!), and October is the month we will possibly be planning for an adventure across the pond...so much to look forward to. What does October have in store for you?

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